Integration & Porting

PIVA Software has years of experience working with management software solutions and on its flagship product EasyCwmp TR-069 Software. Working in partnership with FCS, you can be assured that any Integration & Porting project you undertake will have trusted experts on your side. We will plan all steps of the Integration & Porting project and ensure delivery is on time, on budget and within the outlined scope.

  • Porting EasyCwmp on customer systems
  • Integration of Easycwmp on customers SDK


Many customers require some level of customization when setting up EasyCwmp. We will work hand in hand with our customers to ensure the software is setup perfectly for your organization and environment. Some examples of customization work we do:

  • Customization of software features
  • Implementation of customized data model parameters
  • ACS interoperability testing

Support and Maintenance

Having a good support team behind you is important. PIVA Software in partnership with FCS will ensure that your organization’s instance of EasyCwmp is running efficiently and optimally. We will support you with:

  • Bug fixes
  • Updating to new software versions
  • Assisting customers with specific questions and issues


PIVA Software is concerned with the proper usage of EasyCwmp solution in terms of quality and time. For this reason, PIVA Software provides training sessions of 5 days for its customers. These sessions, which are divided into two parts (lectures + workshops), aim at explaining the design and the applicability of the solution EasyCwmp. The training includes the following modules:

  • Overview of TR-069 protocol
  • Presentation of EasyCwmp Premium Solution design
  • Workshop: Implementation of new objects and parameters
  • Workshop: Unit tests and Regression tests with Automatic test tool